Friday, August 19, 2011

New company, social experiment, and how to calculate calories..

As usual, several things going on but all tied together! So in reply to several requests I have gotten from readers here are upcoming events information.

1. My new company Lean Physiques will open within 60 days. It will have two components,
a. in person component where 1:1 training, nutrition coaching and group personal training will be held & taught by my partner.

b. an internet education component where we will offer a monthly membership to provide you with weekly webinars that will be education classes based on nutrition and exercise on how to change your body at an extremely affordable rate.

Our mission with Lean Physiques is to offer an affordable solution that anyone, anywhere can use to help take control of their bodies. Our goal since my partner and I have worked in very large fitness companies is not to gouge our clients or employees with high prices but provide real, inexpensive solutions to LOTS of people and help everyone, plain and simple.

2. My Social Experiment

So as most of you know I recently left a very large and successful fitness chain. Great company, learned many things but time to move on. So my "day job" is actually in online media and technology sales. Great company, an 8 to 5er with awesome benefits and great pay. "Why did you do it, how come you left fitness?" several have asked. Well obviously I didnt leave fitness, I am more involved in it more than ever. And as those of you who really know me, know that I have motives very everything I do. That also includes my new "day job." The main purpose of me taking this job is to PROVE to you that you CAN exercise and change your life IF you make it a priority. All too often I have heard (and even from my wife) I don't have time, I work all day. Well guess what, so do I! I also train clients before work, on my lunch break, after work and on the weekends and I STILL find time to work out for my self. So no excuses, get it done!!

3. Fit tip for today

How to calculate your caloric needs. Well there are several ways, but I will tell you after my week long juice fast experiment, we as Americans eat entirely too many calories and I think that most calorie counting equations really over-estimate our activity level. So start by:

take your bw x 10 = daily calorie intake (dci)
then start breaking down your macronutrient intakes

pro-30% (dci) x .3 = daily calories from protein / 4 = grams of pro daily / number of meals you eat a day = grams of protein per meal needed.

carb-40% (dci) x .4 = daily calories from carbs / 4 = grams of carbs daily / number of meals you eat a day = grams of carbs per meal needed.

fat-30% (dci) x .3 = daily calories from fat / 9 = grams of fat daily / number of meals you eat day = grams of fat per meal needed.

Tomorrow we will talk about types of foods needed to fall into those categories of pro, carb and fat.

So stay tuned!! Very excited

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