Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Whole lots of stuff!

1. New fat loss diet is going great! I juice veggies 3 times a day, am off my caffeine (and for those who know me is a miracle in itself) and eat tons for dinner. Sounds backwards I know but will keep posting the how and why later on. TOO much to get to today!!

Funny how life throws things together for you that work out well, hence my blog title today. I HIGHLY recommend everyone leave work right now and go watch "tired fat and nearly dead" and "food matters" if you have not, SHOULD change your outlook on nutrition, what you are missing AND how the body can either heal or die quickly and miserably with nutrition. It is all about juicing (not mark mcgwire style, veggie juicing) and how it heals the body so quickly. Also currently in line with my new eating style, although just a coincidence?

2. AS I HAVE ALWAYS SAID-NUTRITION IS EVERYTHING WHEN IT COMES TO WEIGHTLOSS!!! This is me standing on my zebra print office chair (my wife's, dont ask...) screaming out loud!!!! I was going to save this fact for later on but here you go to prove my point:

From some organization that studies obesity, I cannot remember the name but thats not important this is!

A longitudinal study of weight loss showing success results:

1. only 1% lost weight through just exercise
2. only 10% lost weight through just nutrition

The point being I have helped hundreds of people change their bodies over the past 8 years and I have had a few that didn't change at all and guess what, their nutrition sucked, they wouldnt change it and thought two hours with me a week was a miracle cure. I do appreciate the compliment but NO TRAINER can fix the average middle age person without the proper nutrition,it is not going to happen no matter what the hell they say. And if a trainer, doctor, or car salesman says they can, run, because they're an idiot.

3. THANK YOU! Thank you to the several who have posted and sent me emails. I would like to say thank you to a mother who emailed me who final got the point that even though her children are skinny now she shouldnt let them be eating what they want. And she is RIGHT (again yelling from my fake animal print chair) because they will not stay skinny!! I was a rug rat, little biddy guy, then BAM!! I looked like I ate the Olsen twins just a couple of years later and it was all down hill from there. And worse yet, should your kids outward appearance not suffer their insides most certainly will!! And they will pass those traits on to their children and so on, kind of like bad financial advice-it transcends generations.

SO focus, items for today:

1. quit work and watch those documentaries
2. dont let skinny kids (or adults) eat whatever they want, they are slowly killing themselves
3. if your goal is weightloss and your nutrition sucks-QUIT now-it wont happen. I know because I have personally sabotage my efforts before as well by thinking my activity would over-ride my poor diet. So how do I fix it, good question from in the back...

1. if it comes in a box, can, or bag DON'T EAT IT!
2. if it once had a mother, EAT IT!
3. if it could survive for more than a week without being refrigerated DON'T EAT IT! Because kids it has what are called preservatives....ooohhhh. And those are bad

Till tomorrow, stay thirsty.......



Jake Truelove said...

Hey Matt! It's your old BFF Jake Truelove. The part about not eating from the can, I portion things like corn and black beans with different protiens. Is that bad?

Jake Truelove said...

...And before you call me a "tard", I know its PROTEIN!

Matt Terry said...

wow, actually corn and black beans are not protein. and yes anything in a can is worse than fresh

Jake Truelove said...

I meant that I paired those canned items with proteins like chicken, salmon, etc. I remember seeing you eating black beans, what kind do you use? Are there better beans I should be eating?

Matt Terry said...

darker the beans the better as they are higher in nutrient content. and anything canned is typically poor quality but better than nothing