Saturday, August 20, 2011

Foods you should be eating

So yesterday we discussed how to calculate calories. Today we need to talk about what foods fall into what category and which foods to avoid.

All foods should be ORGANIC, suck it up, spend the money. Your body and most importantly your hormones will thank you.


chicken breast
lean beef 90% or better (look for cuts with round or loin in the name. even very lean organic ground beef is fine)
tuna (go in moderation because of possible mercury issues)
organic eggs and egg yolks
cottage cheese 2% milk fat is optimal

CARBS: (looking at things that are low glycemic as it doesnt affect blood sugar and insulin levels) For a full list and more information on why this is important check out

Avoid anything white!!!
brown rice
whole grain NOT whole wheat products
any green veggie
carrots (in moderation, they are high on the index but lower on glycemic load)
sweet potatoes
any berry
any bean (darker the better)

FATS-yes you need healthy fat!

organic egg yolks
olive oil (as a dressing, dont cook with it. it is not stable at high temps)
coconut oil (cook with this)
any nut-watch peanuts as 80% of people have an allergy
all natural peanut butter

These items should make up 90% of your shopping list. Sure there can be more but this is a start. If you have questions, post and ask so others can learn!



April Westerhold said...

Spend more for organic now and save on doctor's bills later!!

Matt Terry said...