Sunday, August 24, 2008


I will no longer be doing my competition in 3 weeks as I am having severe shoulder issues right now. My left one is continuing to bother me and my right one now is hurting as well (probably sympathy pains!) and my back and left ankle are nagging me as well but thats what happens when we get old. I have had to alter my training a bit and have been doing alot of bodyweight work latley to take pressure off my joints. I actually have a set of gymnastic rings and have been doing alot of ring work lately. Talk about core work!! After a ring workout I am sore everywhere from my waist up!

It is good when injuries and other problems happen because it forces you to focus on other areas and other training diciplines that if you hadnt been hurt you would of never found. I am planning on continuing this new training and incorporating it into my current routines.

Now on to bigger and better things, my internet is working again (for right now!) which is why I have not posted lately. So we are again open for business so bring your questions as they will be answered. To answer one I received this week, " what is sugar alcohol and is it really sugar?"

My response,

Firstly, yes it is sugar and secondy yes it can be bad for you depending on the time of day you injest it. But lets back up a second and talk about sugar first. Sugar in its purest form is 7 calories per gram. So when you look at low carb items or "low sugar" items read the ingredients list. It will list only 2 or 3 carbs with different names including; impact carbs, net carbs, total carb count or just simply carbs and then you will see another number listed next to the description of sugar alcohol which is typically right under carbs or sugars. Lets look at an example of a common EAS bar which is considered to be low carb and low sugar. The nutrient breakdown is;

19 grams protein, 3 grams of carbs, 1 grams of sugar, and 17 grams of sugar alcohol.

Your test, does this product have sugar and is really considered to be low sugar? The answers are yes and no. Back to the beginning, sugar is sugar and a true sugar has 7 calories per gram, yes? Now, sugar alcohol has roughly 4 calories per gram ( 4.3 to 4.6 to be exact). So yes sugar alcohol is a sugar, has calories BUT part of the advertiser's claims are true as it wont affect your blood sugars quite as badly and raise insulin levels so quickly and this is because of its lower calorie content (basically.) Bottom line stick to whole foods and watch your sugar alochols and SUGAR in general and you will be fine. Remember, everything in moderation.

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