Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Final Countdown

So my pre-contest prep has offically started. That means no more slacking off and I HAVE TO GET IN MY CARDIO. I actually did two workouts today because I ran out of time during my first one and had to finish the rest later in the day.

Todays training

Flat bench press 8/6/4 8/6/4 (this is wave loading, great techique for building strength)
went up to 325
Bent over barbell rows same loading scheme, went up to 225. My imbalances are a great example of improper training over the years. Meaning I can typically push at least a 100 pounds more than I can pull at the same angle. Learn from my mistakes kids!

decline db press 3x6
low row to ab 3x6

15 minutes cardio

Came back 1 hour later and did;

low incline close grip bench 4x6
seated preacher curl 4x6
12 minutes cardio

My cardio goal today was for 35 minutes which means I have to do 40 minutes tomorrow plus an extra 8 from today so I am going to round it to an even 50 minutes, aggh!!

Yes, even we dedicated professionals hate to do things that involve exercise!!!

Todays diet;

My diet for my contest does not change much but I do cut out 150 calories which takes me to about 2200 daily which is about 70% of my maintenance amount.

Breakfast 4:00 am
3 whole eggs blended in a shake with
1 scoop isolate protein
1 scoop casein protein
1 scoop freeze dried fruit and veggie extract
3 fish oil capsules
1 scoop advocare spark

Mid morning 7:30
1/2 cup cottage cheese 2%
1 scoop casein protein
2 tbsp peanut butter

Lunch 11:00
6 oz chicken breast
2 cup spinach
1/4 cup diced carrots
1 tbsp olive oil

Mid afternoon
same as last

Pre workout
10 bcaa
1 package advocare muscle fuel

Post Workout
10 bcaa
1 scoop advocare's rehydrate
2 scoops whey isolate
5 grams creatine, glutamine, glycine mix

1 package of pink salmon
1 tbsp peanut butter

Before bed
1 chicken breast
2 cup broccolli
1 spinach salad
1 tsp dressing, fat free
7 fish oil capsules

3 night time recoveries before bed

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