Saturday, May 31, 2008


So training is going really well. My left wrist has healed and everything feels pretty good. The big day is September 8th, and I actually got my cardio in today! Yeah and everyone cheers.

Saturday am workout

ran 1 mile in 8 minutes
then did 5 rounds of
10 pullups
20 pushups
30 bodyweight squats
rested 60 seconds after the squats and started over
then I walked on the incline tredmill at 8 degree incline at speed of 3.4 for 12 minutes

Entire workout lasted about 32 minutes.

On a side note, one supplement everyone should be taking is fish oil. You hear alot about omega 3 s and good fats in the news but what does that really mean? The best sources for omega 3s are from coldwater fish, Salmon, Tuna, etc. However, since most people do not eat fish 3 tgo 4 times a week it is always a GREAT idea to supplement with fish oil. Every cell membrance in your body is basically held together by portions from the omega 3 fatty acids. Other benefits include:
  • increased metabolism
  • decreased joint inflamation
  • helps to protect your heart
  • helps with bi-polar and mood disorders
  • helps to lower the risk of several types of cancers

The two components of fish oil that are so vital are, EPA and DHA. These are the two substances that matter most. Now, there are a million different fish oils out there and if you are currently taking a fish oil in capsule form here is a simple test for you to try at home. Put your fish oil pills in the fridge and leave them there over night (they should be refrigerated ANYWAY!!) and if it comes out cloudy and opaque then it is contaminated and should be thrown away immediately. The two brands I recommend;

In capsule form you cannot beat Advocare's "Omegaplex" it has one of the highest concetrations of EPA and DHA on the market, and it passes the fridge test with flying colors!

Omega plex can be purchased here , click on shop now, then all products and scroll to middle of the page, runs about $16 for a month supply.

If you prefer a liquid version then I suggest "Carlson's Norweigen Fish oil" comes in a lemon flavor. Now I know what you are thinking, gross I am going to be tasting fish all day! Not hardly, Carlson's has done an amazing job of having NO fish oil after taste at all. I actually use it as a salad dressing, it is quite good. It can be purchased at whole foods or wild oats, but you can find it for half price on the internet if you take 2 minutes of your day to find it! Wild Oats typically has it for about $43 but you can find it for under $25 if you take the time.

That is in response to a client's questions, so if you have any questions send them on through! Also sign up for my free newsletter at Have a great weekend!

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