Thursday, June 19, 2008


Yes currently things are going well. I have continued to keep my calories under 2200 and keep my activity high. I am currently lifting 4 days a week while trying (and I am STRESSING) trying to get my cardio in. I typically get 40 minutes in on off days and upper body days. I do not do cardio on lower body days as I do not have the energy. But I have been pulling several two a day workouts right now to make up for the difference. My physique is about 80% where it needs to be. Everything has been built up high enough for strength and size, now it is time to refine and make subtle changes.

On a side note, I would like to issue you the reader a challenge. Try measuring everything you eat for 1 day. For example, if you eat cereal eat your normal amount. Pour your current amount in a bowl, THEN put that amount in a measuring cup, just to see how close to the actual serving size you are. You would be truely amazed to see how much you over size your portions. I use cereal because it is a great example. The average bowl holds two cups of cereal (at least) the average serving size for a cereal is a half cup, yet most people (myself in the past included) simple pour in their captain crunch until the bowl is level across the top tyipically taking in 3 to 4 times the amount on the label.

So then I ask you how your food choices are going and before you would of said just fine I havent had fast food, soda, alcohol, etc. yet I cannot lose weight. The easy fix is, monitor your serving sizes and you will find out by how much. Again, the cereal example is great. By over indulging your servings by 3 to 4 for breakfast you have easily added 200 to 300 extra calories (depending on the cereal). NOW that is only one item of one meal, imagine what happens once you start adding condiments and eating out!!!! You can easily be adding an extra 1200 t0 1800 calories daily! Remember, i am only eating 2200 a day TOTAL right now.

Food for thought

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