Sunday, May 11, 2008

The weekend

Well training is going well for the most part. I am down another pound and half a percent bodyfat. I celebrated last night by eating my normal saturday night meal plus I had a bowl of fiber one with some organic milk and almonds sprinkled on top was chocolate protein powder. Then I had an apple, cottage cheese, and some peanut butter. All normally things I would not eat so that for me is what I consider a cheat meal. Yes for some if would be a "good meal" but remember I am training for something very specific.

The only problem I am having right now is a left wrist issue and a right elbow problem. They are limiting the amount of weight I can use so I am having to adjust my training slightly.

Friday's Training

snatch 3/160 2/180 1/205 repeated twice
snatch pulls 4x5 / 275
back squats 4x5 225 (still taking it easy on my back)
seated low rows 180 4x6

Saturday, no workout just tons of yard work and I walked for over an hour at Nebraska Furniture! My wife and I love that place! Sunday my wife and I walked our insane dog for an hour before she (the dog) passed out.

If you will notice I am not currently really doing "cardio" per se. That is because my calories are very low, along with my carbohydrate levels (less tha n 80 grams per day) so I do not have the energy reserves to do true intense cardio. Also, my strength training has completely changed. I am doing lower reps, very heavy weight with lots of rest in between sets. This again keeps my energy requirements low. I prefer to monitor my diet and set my calories low enough to not have to do cardio. I keep cardio as my last tool when my progress stalls I add it in, so far I havent needed it.

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