Saturday, August 13, 2011

Insulin management for fat loss

Managing Insulin is not just for diabetics. This is for anyone concerned with either gaining muscle or losing fat. Insulin is the most powerful hormone in the body and is primarily used for storage. It can store either fat or nutrients used to build muscle and repair tissue damage.

So how do you manage it? Depends on your goals really. Lets say your goals are to lose fat. Simple! The easiest way to manage insulin with a fat loss goal is as follows:

1. Eat protein with each meal-it is a blood sugar stabilizer
2. Eat every 2.5 hours-NO MATTER WHAT! studies show insulin really dips at the 3 hour mark, problem with this is your blood sugar drops as well which sends your sugar cravings soaring! At this point you are insulin resistant and will begin to store your carbs you get ready to eat as fat.
3. Keep your sugars low, how low? less than 10g per meal.
4. Meal structure is important as well each meal should include a lean protein, green veggie and a healthy fat (if your goals are fat loss, more on why later)
5. Eat 4 to 6 meals daily (breakfast should be the largest and if you skip it you're an idiot)
6. There are natural supplements such as Relora Plex, Feno Plex, Fish oil, Green tea, Chromium Picolinate-all help with insulin management.

How do you tell if you have insulin management issues? Can you pick a significant amount of fat above your hips, direclty below the rips? Do you have fat below your scapula? Then YES, you have insulin (sometimes called glucose) issues.

Enough for today, its early! Start with this, next time insulin management for muscle gain-then we will get into insulin sensitivity


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