Friday, August 12, 2011

Fish oil for lowering joint pain..

So several foods we eat contain more omega 6 fats than omega 3 fats. Thats bad! Omega 6 fats increase inflammation. In fact the average American diet is 20:1 omega 6 to omega 3 when it should be 4:1, hence why so many Americans have joint pain and inflammation. If you want to lower joint pain and inflammation overall then up your fish oil (or for some of you start taking it!) So don't waste your time with glucosamine with or without chondroitin since it doesn't work anyway. Glucosamine doesnt stop inflammation its claim to fame is cartilage regeneration which is a whole other topic. For fish oil;

1. keep it refrigerated to avoid that nice fish oil after taste
2. DO NOT buy it from costco I like (Lifetime Fitness's fish oil, it is super cheap and every batch is tested for mercury. I no longer work for them so don't care if you buy it from them or not, just know their testing procedures. I also like it from similar strict testing protocols)
3. Dosage-take 1 to 2 capsules per meal, yes per meal
4. only people who should not take large amounts of fish oil are people on blood thinning medication.

Fish oil also helps with insulin sensitivity which is our topic next time. Why this is important? If you have extra body fat, have trouble maintaining or continue to gain weight, have low will want to read it!

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Dr. Chris Ullom said...

Good Stuff, informative and to the point!

April Westerhold said...

Why not buy it from Costco?

Matt Terry said...


the main reason not from Costco would be the impurity issues their products suffer from. To test it, refrigerate the Costco brand and it will come out cloudy and the impurities are what are clouding up. Good Luck!!


Money Saving Momma said...

What about flax oil? We have been taking 2 TBs /day of liquid form, for some of same issues...what do you think? Should we switch?

Matt Terry said...

flax oil is a great essential fatty acid but mainly for women. men lack the metabolic pathway to convert some of the fatty acids into DHA and EPA (two main compents from omega 3) we are after.