Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bullet Points

With everyone's busy schedule I find articles that I write that are raved about the most (and ones I often read myself!) are short and sweet. These articles get right to the point and are often in bullet point format. So keeping with the theme here we go!

Why people fail to get results:

  • Inconsistency: plain and simple. Inconsistent dietary and training habits will yield inconsistent, if any, results. Pick a workout schedule you can stick with and start with 2 days a week. Once you have consistently been able to maintain that increase your workouts to 3 days per week and so on until you reach what I have always recommended, 5 to 6 hours of quality activity each week.
  • Mis-information: this is the biggest problem. People do not fail to get results from lack of effort! People fail to get results from proper direction and the right information. I know this first hand. After years of reading contradictory information I was completely confused. You need a trusted resource to cut through the fads, myths and crap to help lead you to the best body you can naturally achieve.
  • No concise goals: this plagues many, many people. How do you know if you have achieved what you wanted if you never set clear and precise goals. Do you want to lose weight? Great, how much? That's like saying all I want to do is make money, well this is completely subjective, how much money? A dollar, a million dollars, a peso? Set measurable, attainable and time-frame oriented goals and you will always progress forward.
Well there you have it, short and sweet. Biggest three mistakes I see, day in and day out. Get with a trainer, get a plan, and get going! Until next time, and I want to wish everyone a safe and fun holiday!

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