Sunday, June 21, 2009

The body bugg, still going!

Well I am still very impressed with this gizmo. Above all else it has really opened my eyes to my activity level. And in order to make the goal of 20,000 steps I set for myself a day, I have to workout daily and walk for an hour in the evening. Now I am very active at work in terms of walking with my clients on the track and constantly moving, I rarely sit and I BARELY make my goal each day. Imagine if you are a cube-jockey (person who sets at a desk for 8 hours daily like my wife) and do not work out.

I really feel sorry for most people because now I see we as a society are doomed. Unless you make a very conscious effort to get active, just "watching your diet" (which usually means watching food go in your mouth, unless you log what you eat you arent watching anything) and having a normal activity level (which for the average american is 6000 steps a day and NO structured exercise) we will continue to be the fattest nation on earth.

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