Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 3

So far this is probably the coolest thing I have ever seen. Rather than counting down the minutes while I do boring old cardio I watch the calories burn away! Its fascinating and I have been tracking how many calories I burn doing various activities so I thought I would share them so you have an understand.

Sleeping (7 to 8 hours) 450 calories
My workout today-lasted 47 minutes = 387 calories
Mowing my yard and pulling landscaping detail (2 hours) = 448 calories
Sitting at my desk for an hour today doing payroll = 68 calories

Pretty fascinating, I also walked 18,294 steps today. My goal is 10,000 but since it has been so easy I am raising it to 20,000. Plus, since I know how many calories I am taking in daily, when I get home at night if I have burned more than I have eaten that day I get to eat more! AND I know exactly how much more I get to eat if I want to a) gain weight b) lose weight c) maintain my weight. So I again my weightloss goal is 10 pounds by August 2nd and 4% bodyfat. Once I reach that goal I will maintain for 10 weeks and then put 10 pounds on BUT try and maintain my 9% bodyfat, that will be the tricky part!!!

You can also track how many calories you burn for a specific part of your day either by setting your watch to record that activity or when you upload your body bugg to your computer, by reviewing your daily activity graph and zooming in on a specific time. Again, probably the coolest thing ever. If you are serious about, I mean really wanting to reach a specific goal this will be a great tool!

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