Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Side note............

This actually happened to me this morning, I write this off topic story so when you are having a horrible day you can read this and realize that your day probably really isnt that bad. I title this,

Into everyone's life a little rain must fall.

So my day started like every other day during my work week does; wake up at 4 am (yes I know), get ready for work and then make my wife breakfast (yes I know.)

So as I walked in the kitchen all I could think was "man I hope that the new water line we put in our new facuet last night isnt leaking." I then step into my dark kitchen wearing my crisp, new and DRY white socks only to feel "squish, squish" and yes folks that is the sound of me walking on water (although not literally.) But I did have a few choice words for god at that moment!

I turned on my new dimmer switch that I had just installed, and much to my delight, yes delight I see my entire kitchen which has hardwood floors, completely covered in about 1/8 to 1/4 inch of standing water. So this sucked and I also had to be at work in 20 minutes. So I thought well, this isnt so bad I will simply clean up the 30 gallons of water on my wood floors and then move on with my day thinking this isnt so bad and at least I can sue the damn plumber that put in that new water line.

Well, it gets better. Turns out the new water line was bone-dry, and the water all over my floor was in fact coming from my dish washer which although off, was still leaking water? So, this twist of fate forces me to go to my basement which is also my home office to get my home warranty paperwork (pay attention because this is important.)

I walk down stairs and think "well at least my basement isnt flooded too, because that would really......AH S#$T!!!" Spoke to soon. My basement has water all over the floor but I said how could that be, unless......yes it was coming from the basement ceiling which looked like someone was pooring water through a strainer all over the floor, and my office equipment (printer, papers, books, etc. basically anything that means anything to me in that room.) So as I think things cant get anyworse and by this point I am really freaking out, I grab my home warranty paper work to call and file my claim which at this point is my only comforting thought.

This is where it gets really good. Turns out the company I have my home warranty with is no longer in business and as of April 27, 2009 they are currently in a class action lawsuit with the state of New York (and they are called National Home Protection in case anyone else uses, or used them). So at this point things are not quite so bad; my new water line is in, water is all over my kitchen floor, basement ceiling, and basement floor, my dish washer is still leaking water, OH AND my home warranty is no longer valid.

So the obvious answer TURN OFF THE WATER IDIOT. Well the really, really nasty kick in the balls is I did turn off the water supply to the dishwasher, HOWEVER that valve broke and water kept coming in no matter what. So my sweet, beautiful wife spent hours bailing water out of our dish washer waiting for our NEW plumber to arrive and save the day. So I currenlty have 12 GIANT ASS fans scattered throughout my house to dry the floors, ceilings, printer, etc. (thanks Repairs Unlimited Inc., you guys are fantastic.)

But I think back to all the improvements my wife and I have made to our house and the silver linning in this story, at least I am going to get some new sweet ass hardwood floors to go with my new tile backsplash (thanks Patrick from Hawn-Phillips Tile) new faucet (thats Lowes, home depot sucks) new stainless french door fridge (thanks best buy, you suck) and a host of other goodies.

So remember when you are having a horrible day and it feels like it just really possibly cant get any worse, you could end up with new hard wood floors.


Jodi said...

oh matt, that sucks!!! and to think i told you i was tired this morning. yikes. if you need a BETTER home warranty company try AB MAY. That's who mine is with and I sell to my clients. I haven't heard of the one you have - which I guess is good now. J&D Hardwoods in Lee's Summit has great pricing on hardwood. I got my railings there. GOOD LUCK!

Andy Caraway said...

Dude - that does suck! Put's things in perspective. Glad you have a loving spouse there to work through all of this with you. Keep your head up bro!