Sunday, July 12, 2009


Well alot is going on right now as you can imagine! The youth foundation is about to be up and running. It will be titled, A.C.T. (active children and teens) it's primary focus is the prevention of youth obesity through free classes for children and teens along with nutritional education and fun events. It will start with fundraising initially and then move into a larger scale.

I have recently been in touch with Peter Mallouk and am working with the KC CAN! foundation to help establish my vision. They have been great, along with all the helpful emails I have gotten from clients and people wanting to help out.

Once KC CAN! has officially decided to come on board, I will set up a website and move forward. All of your donations will be tax-deductable and your feedback and assistance will be a huge help!

Now, I thought I would throw out a chart of estimated caloric expenditure I recently read to give you an idea of how many calories per minute you are burning during and activity.

lying down = 1 cal per minute
sitting = 1-1.5 cal per minute
standing = 1-1.5 cal per minute
basketball (values per game) = 1 to 15 cal per minute
cycling at 2.5 mph = 7 cal per minute
football (while active) 6 to 14 cal per minute
jogging at 6 mph = 7 to 9 cal per minute
sprinting 18 to 22 cal per minute
volleyball (mean values for a game) = 3 to 6 cal per minute
weight training:
circuit = 9 to 10 cal per minute
main muscle groups = 5 to 10 cal per minute
small muscle groups (isolating) 3 to 7 cal per minute
large muscle groups = 6 to 18 cal per minute

So the main points to notice here are that doing weight training in a circuit format, emphasising large muscle groups and doing sprint training (interval training) is MORE effective than doing regular easy cardio!! Remember this.

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