Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hydroxycut cut out!

Yes so recently the popular lose-your-love handles in a bottle was banned as it was killing people. Firstly, there is no substitute for diet and exercise. There is no quick fix, pills do not work end of story. Secondly, I have taken Hydroxycut and never felt anything from it and thought it (like 98% of supplements) was a complete waste of money.

Again, to loose fat:
1. eat less then you are taking in, go to www.fitday.com to find out how much you are taking in.
2. burn more calories then you eat. use devices like the body bugg (from apex fitness) to track how many calories you burn. I have ordered mine, it is on the way and will be reviewing this product.
3. be consistent with your workouts, shoot for 5 to 6 hours a week.
4. lean protein and either a green veggie or a fruit with each meal.
5. look for healthy fats (nuts, omega 3s, fish, all natural peanut butter, whole eggs, etc.)
6. make sure to get your cardio in and make sure you are at your target heart rate (220-your age x 75%) start at this point.

Simple yes, sexy NO! Hard work is often a pain in the thing everyone is trying to loose, you guessed it, starts with an a and ends with two ss. Have a good evening and put down the spoon of peanut butter Sarah!!!

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